Lolita Haze (lolitahaze1) wrote in vintage_ized,
Lolita Haze

Shoot a friend today.

Today I did my very first EVER photoshoot in my apt with a friend of mine. She is such a sweetie. Anyway, I spent most of the night clicking away trying to figure out lighting and my camera settings, but by the end of the night I found some settings that worked (ok) with the lighting I had availible. I definately need a higher wattage of bulbs and about 3 more lights. Now, mind you, I am absolutely CLUELESS about photography and especially lighting, so please be gentle. I am actually proud of how these turned out, because like I said, prior to this I only did the shoot with CC and Dixie, but that was outside with natural lighting. This was shit I had to figure out on my own this time. I did her hair and make up as well. We had a lot of fun tonight... but boy is it tiring.

Here is what Melinda looks like normally...

And here is what I did to her. Please, be nice... this is my first real time shooting.

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