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Vintage-ized: A Vintage-Style Photography Community

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27th May 2008

tammanyfirebhoy11:37pm: Another sampling from the Speed Graphic.
Your roving WWII photographer strikes again, this time with Memorial Day parade pictures from Gettysburg, PA!

Enjoy the pictures!

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5th May 2008

lolitahaze11:29am: What has Lolita been up to?
I have been kind of a hermit lately... a grouchy one at that, but here are some recent photos... My apologizes if you have seen these already all over the internet.

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31st January 2008

tammanyfirebhoy2:07am: FIG '08 pics

Attached is a sampling of photos I took at the annual WWII reenactment at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.  As always, I used my lovely "Anniversary" (that is, wartime) model Speed Graphic cameras, shooting 4X5" sheets of film.  I was "embedded" with a group of my friends portraying the 135th Regimental Combat Team, so most pics concentrate on them, though there are some others from around the event, including (most importantly) some of the veterans that attended.



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21st September 2007

tammanyfirebhoy12:13am: WWII Weekend, Gettysburg, '07.
This past weekend, the annual WWII Weekend was held at the Eisenhower Farm in Gettysburg, PA.  As an added attraction, a convoy of allied vehicles "liberated" Emmitsburg, MD on their way to the site Saturday morning.

Yours truly showed up armed with his dear 4x5 Speed Graphic cameras, and lots of film holders.  Hope you like the results!


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24th July 2007


Selling my whole collection this time!

Check them all out!!

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31st May 2007


Click on the banner to check out my ebay store! Tons of orignal tour t-shirts!

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30th November 2006

chaddy1:49pm: Vintage Clothing Sale
Hey Kids. Selling the last of my vintage clothing. Mostly in great shape. Ending in a couple hours. CLICK THE BANNER BELOW OR ONE OF THE CORNY PICS!

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20th November 2006

lolitahaze112:54am: Shoot a friend today.
Today I did my very first EVER photoshoot in my apt with a friend of mine. She is such a sweetie. Anyway, I spent most of the night clicking away trying to figure out lighting and my camera settings, but by the end of the night I found some settings that worked (ok) with the lighting I had availible. I definately need a higher wattage of bulbs and about 3 more lights. Now, mind you, I am absolutely CLUELESS about photography and especially lighting, so please be gentle. I am actually proud of how these turned out, because like I said, prior to this I only did the shoot with CC and Dixie, but that was outside with natural lighting. This was shit I had to figure out on my own this time. I did her hair and make up as well. We had a lot of fun tonight... but boy is it tiring.

Here is what Melinda looks like normally...

And here is what I did to her. Please, be nice... this is my first real time shooting.

NWS just incase, although you can't see anything. I made sure of it! LOLCollapse )

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25th August 2006

chaddy8:28pm: Getting rid of my entire collection. amazing vintage going for cheap. Will ya check it out? Thanks!

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29th June 2006

lolitahaze17:24pm: An Oldie, but Goodie
This photo reminds me of an old ad or something. Enjoy!

BTW... This was taken of me back in Nov... I am back to blonde now.


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9th March 2006

unluckycharms1310:19am: Hey ladies! I know many of you collect vintage images and I was wondering...can anyone refer me to a site that has images of 18th century ads? Especially ads that contain women?

I'd love you much!


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8th March 2006

ginger_dragon7:06pm: First post
This is my first post, though I have followed this community for a while. I took this picture a couple of years ago. It's one in a set of pictures of friends that I took aiming to make them look like the glamour photos of the golden era of Hollywood. I may post more, if I get an OK from the other models.

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18th February 2006


just listed a bunch of dorky auctions - low priced. You're gonna love this stuff, if you are getting pissed at malls, and want real clothing from the 80's and 70's. EMAIL ME ME ANY TIME, I AM FRIENDLY!

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23rd January 2006

_______blessed9:46pm: HELP
I found this one site a long, long time ago. It sold a ton of vintage clothing for cheeeap. The websites name had 3 letters in it and I believe two of them were d &/or c. I just can't remember the site and I wanna start buying! Does anyone recall the site I'm talking about?

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14th December 2005

lolitahaze19:28am: Vintage Hair for a pin-up shoot
This is a photo from the shoot I did back in November with Josh Curtis. You can't see the hair all that well, meaning all the dementions, but I think this community will enjoy it. I am also putting it under a cut because it could be considered Not Work Safe, but I have seen billboards that show more skin... it's innocent enough, I think.

The robe, bra, and earrings are all vintage 1940's. Furniture too.

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12th December 2005


Hey everyone - trying to promote my auctions a little. I have some sweet things up right now, going really cheap...so grab them for the holidays. Thanks!! Click above!

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18th November 2005


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8th September 2005

his_moonfyre3:49pm: poised

I am avoiding working on our website - so that means I am finding creative ways to occupy my time :) I found these photo in our photo albums from a shoot we did last year that I did some post production work on in PS to make them look like old film and/or old style glamour shots - I thought you guys might enjoy it.

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Pocket Universe Primal Photo Shoot
Model -me ( his_moonfyre ) & my partner Mykel in the last shot
Photographer -Chris Craig,
Post Production work - me


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7th September 2005

lyddy8:54pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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5th July 2005

urban_cowboyz1:38pm: "Estia" by Evi Numen
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Styling, Photography & Editing all by Evi Numen ( evinumen )

Model: Cricket le Fey (myself)

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30th June 2005

his_moonfyre10:43am: old film filter

We did a photoshoot for our upcoming Pocket Universe concert "Gothic Melodrama"

and I played with some of the photos with photoshop filters, this one I thought turned out wonderfully "vintage" looking so I thought I would share it here. its a bit wide though so I have put it behind a cut.

More pictures from this photoshoot are available at our Pocket Universe website

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