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Vintage-ized: A Vintage-Style Photography Community

re-creating yesterday, today

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All Members , Moderated
Do you love the look of vintage photography and want to try your hand at re-creating it? If so, this is definitely the place for you!

vintage_ized's focus is mainly on portraits and self-portraits, but, if you manage to get a great vintage-looking landscape or architectural photo, that's welcome, too (and the same goes for still lifes). Group or family shots are also wonderful, if you can pull them off.

This community was created as an all-ages alternative--or supplement, really--to my_vintage_self (which I neither created nor moderate). While they focus on re-creating the look of pre-1950s erotica, vintage_ized has a much broader scope, both in subject matter and in era. We are interested in mimicking all types of photography from the '60s on down, not just the (really, really fun to look at) sexy stuff.

Guidelines For Posting:

1. There is more to vintage/vintage-style photography than lack of color: you or your subjects' hair, clothing, makeup, setting, pose, furniture/decor, and even the angle and distance from which the pictures are shot can make or break a photo. Communities like vintagephoto, opal_beefaroni, and vintage_sex (warning: the third one is an over-eighteen community) have wonderful examples of elements you should be striving for in the work you post here. It is also a good idea to get to know your photo-editing program(s); many of the filters available (like "Film Grain" "Add Noise", "Blur", or "Dust & Scratches") can go a long way toward adding authenticity to your photographs.

2. Black and white or sepia-toned photography is preferred, but color is acceptable if it has a colorized or painted look, or if it accurately imitates either the faded and yellowed or sometimes super-saturated look of a lot of 1960s photographs.

3. The occasional cheesecake/pinup-style set is definitely welcome, but, please, no nudity. If you're looking for vintage-style erotic photography, you may want to check out my_vintage_self (also an over-eighteen community), instead. There's some really beautiful stuff, there--but most of it doesn't belong here.

4. NO WEBCAM SHOTS. If you have to ask why, then I'm afraid you're in the wrong community!

5. LJ-cut, LJ-cut, LJ-cut! I'll let this slide if you're only posting one image, but, for multiple images or really large files, it's a must. Not only does it make the community page look cleaner, but it's also more polite to our members who are on slower connections.

6. Although this is primarily an image-based community, text entries about relevant topics (where to find costumes or vintage clothing, tips on how to "look the part", links to personal or business sites that would be helpful to anyone interested in vintage re-creation, shooting or post-editing tips, or links to sources of REAL vintage photography for inspiration) are acceptable, and even encouraged. Advertisements and auction posts, however, are not. I may make the occasional exception if I think the subject is relevant, but, please email me before posting anything that you're not sure about.

7. Since this is a photography community, tips or advice and constructive criticism come with the territory...and are, in fact, encouraged. It's only with feedback that we learn what we're doing well (or not so well). Please don't take it personally, and, remember--you don't have to do or change anything that anyone else suggests. They are still your photos, and it is possible to respect someone else's opinion(s) about them without straining yourself trying to please everyone. By that same token: while constructive criticism is welcome (and often quite helpful), insults and personal attacks are not. If you feel someone is attacking you, please let me know, and I'll investigate. If I agree, the poster will be warned and asked to stop. If they continue, or if I have repeated problems with the same person (three strikes), they will then be banned from vintage_ized.

8. Most importantly, be sure that ALL of the photos you post are either of you or taken by you. People will find out, eventually, if you've stolen someone else's work, no matter how sneaky you think you are. This, too, I will make case-by-case exceptions to if you have permission both from the photographer and the subject, and as long as you properly credit them both.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email me. I don't bite, I promise!